Aquarian Age Wicca

Merry Meet, and welcome to Aquarian Age Wicca! Aquarian Age Wicca is a new tradition of Wicca that is a mix of traditional witchcraft with rejuvenating elements of modernization to make way for the New Age of Aquarius.

The tradition was founded in 2015 by High Priestess Aracelie, and is based off of the teachings of her teacher High Priestess Aurora, as well as HPS Aurora’s teacher, Mariann. Our family lineage extends back to older coven teachings in Maryland. Many of our teachings and rituals we practice are old and many are new. We have opened our hearts and minds to accepting the New Age of Aquarius and all that it has to offer.

Aquarian Age Wicca has several community groups across the USA, our largest being in Austin Texas. We offer classes to educate the public about Wicca, and we offer services to the community.

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