Crafts for The Craft: Ostara Edition

Ostara is such a beautiful time of year, with the cold of winter finally leaving to bring us the warmth of the spring. For more information on Ostara, check out our Ostara post. With the flowers blooming and baby birds singing, I’m inspired to create and celebrate the God and Goddess through art. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate the Ostara season:

  • Start your gardens indoor if your area is still cold during this time OR if your plants require lots of sun and warmth to grow.
Woman writing labels for plant seedlings.
  • Upcycle your old plastic eggs into decor by painting them
Easter Eggs
  • Send spring greetings to your loved ones with seed packets inside
Plant seeds in bags for planting
  • Protest St. Patrick’s Day by making a serpent wreath for your front door
Snake Wreath
  • Make an Ostara tree with your upcycled egg decor
Colourful Easter tree in garden
  • Make an Ostara spring Goddess corn dolly to honor the Goddess
  • Go on a nature walk and gather local blooms while thinking positive thoughts to create an enchanted flower bouquet
  • Create a spring altar piece with upcycled materials around your home or a quick trip to your local craft store
ostara altar box with nest
  • Brew your own dandelion wine. Get the recipe here.
Dandelion Wine
  • Make a raindrop sun-catcher. Get the tutorial here.
raindrop suncatchers fine motor for preschool


I hope you all enjoy these crafts and have a very Blessed Ostara season!

By Gita Nallapati, AAW Member

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