Aquarian Age Wicca

Merry Meet, and welcome to Aquarian Age Wicca!

Aquarian Age Wicca is a  tradition of Wicca that is a mix of traditional witchcraft with rejuvenating elements of modernization to make way for the New Age of Aquarius.

The tradition was founded in 2015 by High Priestess Aracelie, and is based off of the teachings of her teacher High Priestess Aurora, as well as Aurora’s teacher, Mariann. We have opened our hearts and minds to accepting the New Age of Aquarius and all that it has to offer.

Aquarian Age Wicca has several community groups across the USA, our largest groups being in Austin, Texas and Tampa, Florida. We offer online classes to educate students about Wicca, and host local meetups for our students.

Anyone can be a student of Aquarian Age Wicca!

Aquarian Age Wicca

Unlocking the potential of the Aquarian Age

Our Student Textbook, available for purchase at our store

Check out our page for CLASSES to see how you can learn with us!

Aquarian Age Wicca performing the Main Ritual at Austin Pagan Pride 2019.

Aquarian Age Wicca is

A Vegan-friendly organization

We only eat plant-based foods together at gatherings including online gatherings as well as we abstain from wearing animal skins, working with bones, bringing leather into circle, etc. This includes honey and beeswax candles, which we do not use. AAW became a fully Vegan org in 2019 and we apologize for our books published prior to this date for promoting the use of animal by-products in Wiccan practice, as we now believe this severely breaks the rule of “harm-none”.

Why You’ll Love Us

We’re a traditional coven with modern sensibilities!

  • Community
  • Classes
  • Spirituality
  • Fun workshops

“A Guiding Force”

[AAW] has been a guiding force in my spiritual and metaphysical development – it neither demands of me, nor allows me to drown; it justly guides. And for that I am grateful.


“Trust and Acceptance”

The most important things I think I am learning are trust and acceptance. [AAW] has not required me to change to be included. I can feel how much members care for one another. Patience is given in regards to my introversion and my metaphysical experiences no longer feel like something I need to hide.


“A Safe Place”

[AAW] provides a safe place to seek guidance and the best thing I’ve learned so far is to just slow down and take time to really connect with the Goddess and the God.


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