Meditation vs Being Meditative

In our daily lives we are always asked to be in the moment. Present. Ready. Aware. And through that focus we tend to find a pattern of feeling that we can easily slip into. Filing paperwork becomes a dance. Writing out emails becomes second nature. And even making phone calls can go smoothly without anyContinue reading “Meditation vs Being Meditative”

Raymond Buckland: The Life and Legacy of Uncle Bucky of Wicca

A Wiccan priest, a Gardnerian initiate, and founder of Seax-Wica, Raymond Buckland (1934-2017) is credited with bringing Wicca to the United States in 1964. Not only did he start the first American coven, known simply as the Long Island coven, but he also founded a sect of Wicca known as Seax-Wica, established the First MuseumContinue reading “Raymond Buckland: The Life and Legacy of Uncle Bucky of Wicca”

Loving the God and Goddess Taught Me to Love Myself

NEW: Listen to this blog as a podcast! As I walk around town running my errands in my short shorts, heels, and plus sized figure, I get looks from strangers staring at my hairy legs as though my legs were a personal affront to them. If I were my younger self, I would have beenContinue reading “Loving the God and Goddess Taught Me to Love Myself”

Crafts for The Craft: Ostara Edition

Ostara is such a beautiful time of year, with the cold of winter finally leaving to bring us the warmth of the spring. For more information on Ostara, check out our Ostara post. With the flowers blooming and baby birds singing, I’m inspired to create and celebrate the God and Goddess through art. Here areContinue reading “Crafts for The Craft: Ostara Edition”