The History and Astronomy of Ostara

Ostara is our Sabbat that falls on the Spring Equinox. It’s the second of the three fertility Sabbats, where we celebrate the Earth’s life-giving energy that is so pronounced in the growing season. I notice that in Austin this is the time of year when flowers really start to come out, however the equinox itselfContinue reading “The History and Astronomy of Ostara”

The Truth about St. Patrick’s Day

In the middle of March, we adorn our green outfits, leprechaun hats and drink copious amounts of green beer while we cavort with our friends in the name of St. Patrick. However, how many of us know the history behind St. Patrick’s Day?  St. Patrick was a Christian bishop in the 5th century who wasContinue reading “The Truth about St. Patrick’s Day”

Finding My Voice and Then My Ears with Aquarian Age Wicca

I imagine there are a few of you out there. You know, control freaks. Needing to dictate this or that— how the room is set up, or the coffee is made, who lights which candle, how to answer a phone. All those important things. Don’t worry, no judgement here. I am one of you! Yes,Continue reading “Finding My Voice and Then My Ears with Aquarian Age Wicca”

The missing health factor in my life: Spirituality

In my mid twenties, I experienced a debilitating streak of migraines just after accepting my new job at a big tech company. I was ecstatic to have a job which would make me financially independent from my parents and would allow me to live the life I had dreamt of since childhood. Everything seemed toContinue reading “The missing health factor in my life: Spirituality”