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 Astral Spirit Animals and why do we sometimes neglect them?

Today I thought I’d talk about something that a lot of people seek to hear more about: Spirit Animals. How many of you neglect to spend the ample time needed to forge a connection with your spirit animal? Not all of us. But many of us do. My own spirit animal has told me off on many the occasion for not spending enough time with him. So let’s start from the beginning: what is a spirit animal? In Wicca, this simply is a term for an astral guide whom we were born connected to. We are their connection on earth and they are our connection to the astral. We were born connected. You can have many guides come and go throughout your life but only one birth guide. When I was learning Wicca, this was taught to me to be called my *birth spirit animal*. Your spirit animal is likely not what you think it is. Most people tell me they have a wolf or a hawk or an owl – sometimes , more often than not, their spirit animal is a turtle or a beetle or a toad. They are probably an animal you haven’t thought of. And could be strangely specific too. I’ve had someone come to me for teaching and I discover their spirit animal is an animal that’s extinct on earth! Or, rare but possible you could have a human spirit animal. Humans are animals after all. What is not likely to be your spirit animal and I’d likely tell you is something visiting you entirely different: any mystical animal that is “made up” on this realm but is entirely real in another realm – if one of those contacted you, they probably belong to the fae realm and are not your spirit animal. Your spirit animal belongs to the astral realm. This may sound confusing but once you explore the astral more it will make sense to you.

Why do I avoid spirit animal circles in the Wiccan community or circles I’ve held and when I have had them why are they generally unsuccessful? This is because most spirit animals aren’t a big fan of circling with your pagan friend and all their spirit animals. There are always one or two that show up but many specifically don’t show up because they are nervous, or they show but are annoyed or shy about being called upon for frivolous reasons. Imagine it like all the spirit animals of your pagan friends get together and call you to the astral realm at once and you’re trying to do something important with your family here on earth but now you have this nagging feeling you are being summoned to the astral realm and the feeling wont go away – its like that.

The connecting with your spirit animal is very personal. The best way to meet them and grow a strong connection is to go visit them in the astral realm often, and to encourage them to come visit you here in your realm as much as they like. Sometimes they will walk around with you in this realm when you are doing day to day tasks! My spirit animal has joined me on vacation before. One time I was at an antique store and there was a bowl he liked. He told me to buy it as an offering to him to have in my home. I said to him “its over $100. If they let me have it for $50 I’ll get it for you.” I said this to him knowing that what store owner is going to give me 50 percent off an item – I figured it just wasn’t going to happen. I asked the store keeper “Are you willing to go any lower on this?” At first, the shopkeeper looked maybe slightly annoyed and then a look came over his face like he was totally overcome with confusion and he said “You can have it for $40.” The other shopkeeper protested but the man who made the $40 offer was firm. I was beaten by own sneaky spirit animal who influenced a shopkeeper. I smiled to myself and begrudgingly bought the bowl.

If you don’t have the kind of connection yet where you can just walk around with your spirit animal and talk to them, try to set out offerings and ask for them to come greet you in a circle.

Remember that you are here for your spirit animal and they are here for you. They are not here to serve you or please you. It is a mutual relationship with give and take. It is easy to neglect your spirit animal. But the first step to astral work and astral adventures once you have your energy work down, is developing this connection, so it is crucial to talk to them often if you want to strengthen that bond.

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