Meditation vs Being Meditative

In our daily lives we are always asked to be in the moment. Present. Ready. Aware. And through that focus we tend to find a pattern of feeling that we can easily slip into. Filing paperwork becomes a dance. Writing out emails becomes second nature. And even making phone calls can go smoothly without anyContinue reading “Meditation vs Being Meditative”

Loving the God and Goddess Taught Me to Love Myself

NEW: Listen to this blog as a podcast! As I walk around town running my errands in my short shorts, heels, and plus sized figure, I get looks from strangers staring at my hairy legs as though my legs were a personal affront to them. If I were my younger self, I would have beenContinue reading “Loving the God and Goddess Taught Me to Love Myself”

The missing health factor in my life: Spirituality

In my mid twenties, I experienced a debilitating streak of migraines just after accepting my new job at a big tech company. I was ecstatic to have a job which would make me financially independent from my parents and would allow me to live the life I had dreamt of since childhood. Everything seemed toContinue reading “The missing health factor in my life: Spirituality”

200 Days

  For 200 days, I’ve been Vegan. In that time, 200 lives have been saved. In that time, I’ve discovered countless ways of eating plant based and cruelty-free. Many questions with heavy implications have been asked of me: “How long will you be vegan?” “How much weight have you lost?” “Why would you give upContinue reading “200 Days”