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Intro to Wicca and Witchcraft

Taking these 8 classes that make up Course Level 1 is a prerequisite to meeting and practicing with Aquarian Age Wicca in person. By taking this Intro Course it will help you meet the teachers and leaders of this community, and help you decide if you feel the tradition may be right for you. All online classes listed above and additional tutoring by appointment are all included in your online AAW Course 1 tuition which is 15/monthly. Classes are held bi-weekly on Fridays at 8pm ET and this course takes about four months to complete. Contact us to sign up for January 1st!

Intro to Wicca Class Content
  • Class 1. What is Wicca? Sabbats.
  • Class 2. How to connect with the goddess and the god/Altar/Tools
  • Class 3. Energy Work 1. Energy Centers
  • Class 4. Energy Work 2. Centering/Grounding/Shielding
  • Class 5. Energy Work 3. Bubble Casting 
  • Class 6. Intro to Circle
  • Class 7. Candle Magic, Moon Magic, Days of the Week Magic
  • Class 8. Spell-writing Workshop/Esbat Structure

IIntro to Wicca and Witchcraft Classes start Jan 2021-Contact us to sign up!

Monthly Free Class: Moondays

Join us for our Monthly Free classes: our *Moondays* every last Monday of the month!

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AAW Course 2

Course 2 teaches the student how to be a practicing Wiccan, and applies application of skills and beliefs, it is all taught in live classes on zoom and requires a teacher present. Contact to apply for Course 2 once you have completed Course 1! 

Book List

*Required Reading* At this point in your studies please have read or read:

  • ABC of Witchcraft – Doreen Valiente
  • Where Witchcraft Lives – Doreen Valiente
  • High Magic’s Aid – Gerald Gardner
  • The Meaning of Witchcraft – Gerald Gardner

IIntro to Wicca and Witchcraft Class is a pre-requisite to this class!

Course 2 Class Content
  • Esbat Structure
  • Living Wicca – How to live Wicca in a busy world
  • Elemental Magic: Air, Fire, Water, Earth
  • How to connect with each element
  • Layered Shielding
  • Self Defense
  • Scanning for Attachments/Scanning for injuries
  • Tarot – basic spreads
  • Water Scrying
  • Meditation
  • Intro to Astral Travel 
  • Candle Magic Spell Writing Workshop (Advanced)
  • Charms/Enchantments
  • Purpose: For shielding, protection charms, 
  • Understanding the Circle
  • Aura Reading 
  • Cleansing/Consecrating/ Charging Review and discussion
  • Cleansing one’s self: Ritual Baths
  • House Cleansing Notes
  • Tips on Home/Property Protection
  • Understanding Ritual Components 
  • Fivefold Kiss
  • Drawing Down the Moon
  • Traditional offerings: cakes and wine, and how to make cakes   
  • The meaning of the Great Rite                                  
  • Quarter Call Drills 
  • Ritual Baths  
  • Beyond the Veil: Entities and Spirits 
  • The Dead Period and Introspection

Sabbat Days

We help you learn how to celebrate the Sabbat (that’s coming up) 8 meetings a year will be about this, and will include an online meditation/ non-energy sharing circle, our Sabbat song, and a feast with the whole tradition online.

IIntro to Wicca and Witchcraft Class is a pre-requisite!

How to Join our Community

Once you have the basics of Wicca down and you want to start a Year and a Day study in Aquarian Age Wicca under the guidance of  a High Priestess or Priest, you can contact us to take advanced classes and apply to join our community!

IIntro to Wicca and Witchcraft Class is a pre-requisite!

Community Members have the ability to:

  • Sign up for a Year and a Day of Study in the Tradition
  • Apply to Dedicate to the Tradition
  • Apply for Clergy Training

Community Perks:

  • Access to Member-Only Meetings
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Event and Retreat Invites!
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