Classes and Community

Contact us to inquire about joining classes or applying to join an in person AAW branch.

Join us at this link for our Monthly Free class, our *Moondays* every last Monday of the month!

Intro to Wicca and Witchcraft

If you are curious about Wicca or you’re a beginner Witch, take this class!

Taking the 8 classes that make up Course Level 1 is a prerequisite to meeting and practicing with Aquarian Age Wicca in person. By taking this Intro Course it will help you meet the teachers and leaders of this community, and help you decide if you feel the tradition may be right for you. All online classes below and additional free tutoring by appointment are included in your online AAW membership which is 15/monthly

Course #1 Intro to AAW – 8 Classes *Online Only*

Class 1. What is Wicca? Sabbats.

Class 2. How to connect with the goddess and the god/Altar/Tools

Class 3. Energy Work 1. Chakras, Theban and BOS Importance (Rules of Spellwork Practice)

Class 4. Energy Work 2. Centering/Grounding/Shielding

Class 5. Energy Work 3. Bubble Casting 

Class 6. Intro to Circle

Class 7. Candle Magic, Moon Magic, Days of the Week Magic

Class 8. Spellwriting Workshop/Esbat Structure

Sabbat Days with Aquarian Age Wicca

We help you learn how to celebrate the Sabbat (that’s coming up) 8 meetings a year will be about this, and will include an online meditation/ non-energy sharing circle, our Sabbat song, and a feast with the whole tradition online.


How to Join our Community

Once you have the basics of Wicca down and you want to start a Year and a Day study in Aquarian Age Wicca under the guidance of  a High Priestess or Priest, you can contact us to take advanced classes and apply to join our community!

Community Members have the ability to:

  • Sign up for a Year and a Day of Study in the Tradition
  • Apply to Dedicate to the Tradition
  • Apply for Clergy Training

Community Perks:

  • Access to Member-Only Meetings
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Event and Retreat Invites!