Services/Classes Offered

Information for in-person classes are posted on this page!

Our next event for Aquarian Age Wicca is Austin TX Pagan Pride on November 16th! We will be leading the Main Ritual and running a Wicca 101 class. Hope to see you there!! Austin Pagan Pride

Classes. We offer events and classes to the public throughout the year. Classes that are current will be posted on our facebook and here on this page of our website. We teach year round on our website via correspondence course and you can learn in our tradition from anywhere in the world!

Tarot, Palmistry, and other forms of divination. We have coven members who are professional readers and can offer these services at your party, event, or for your own personal needs. We can provide online readings or in-person where we have clergy members locally. Please email to inquire.

Housecleansings. If you need your house blessed, cleansed and purified, we can help you. We have many priests and priestesses who can assist you with this task.

Housewardings. If you are worried about protection on the home, contact us about this ritual. Many of our members can help you.

Weddings and Handfastings. *Maryland, Texas, or Florida* We have performed several handfastings, and can provide a ritual for you, or edit one to fit your needs. Elder High Priestess Aurora is available to perform legal and ceremonial  handfasting in Maryland. High Priestess Aracelie can perform legal and ceremonial handfastings in Central Texas, and ceremonial handfastings in Central Florida. She can perform the ritual privately or at a large wedding and she has experience doing both.

Wiccanings. A Wiccaning is a blessing of a new baby. We have priests and priestesses in Austin TX who can perform this ritual for your baby and family.

Handpartings. A handparting is a mutual agreement to separate and end a reltationship or marriage and part ways. It can be a loving and caring way to mutually move on, while honoring the connection that was once there, and severing any magical connection that lies between one another, so both parties in the relationship can move on with a clean slate. High Priestess Aracelie has experience performing this ritual, and can help you ritualistically end your bond in a loving way.

Contact us at to inquire about our services.