Intro to Wicca and Witchcraft

If you are curious about Wicca or you’re a beginner Witch, take this class!

You will learn in this Class:

  • What is Wicca?
  • Sabbats
  • Connecting with Divine Energy
  • Altar Set Up/Tools
  • Spirit Guides
  • Elemental Grounding/Sheilding
  • Bubble Casting
  • Pendulums
  • Intro to Circle
  • Intro to Spellwork and Spell Building Workshop
*This class is Fridays at 8pm EST via zoom call every other week for an hour and a half. Office hours are directly after class and this is open for students to schedule a private meeting to go over anything they need one on one with the teacher for no additional cost. If you prefer to do the course on your own time, there is also an all written version of the course and you can contact us to get that version. Tuition for either version of the class is $15 per month.*

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How to Join our Community

Once you have the basics of Wicca down and you want to start a Year and a Day study in Aquarian Age Wicca under the guidance of  a High Priestess or Priest, you can contact us to take advanced classes and apply to join our community!

Community Members have the ability to:

  • Sign up for a Year and a Day of Study in the Tradition
  • Apply to Dedicate to the Tradition
  • Apply for Clergy Training

Community Perks:

  • Access to Member-Only Meetings
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Event and Retreat Invites!