Services/Classes Offered

Information for in-person classes are posted on this page!

***Due to Covid-19, everything is online right now. We offer classes on Friday evenings. Please contact us to join. More information is below!***

Keep in mind that local membership, though no new members are being added locally right now, includes online membership and online classes, In order to attend most advanced local classes and private tradition-only events you must have taken Wicca 101 on our website and/or passed an evaluation showing you know the basics of Wicca in the AAW Tradition. We also do not allow people we haven’t gotten to know well into circle with us, so even if you tested out of the class, there would be a time of getting to know the coven that would have to happen, which can take a significant amount of time.


Online Tarot Readings, and Divination are available: Contact us for rates.


Aquarian Age Wicca Community Classes

Our Coven Community has a lot of options for you. From a beginner who is curious but doesn’t want to commit to a tradition and just wants to learn more, to the most serious of students who wants to train to be clergy in the tradition. We charge the bare minimum to cover our costs and keep classes running because we want everyone to be able to have access to classes to learn about Wicca and witchcraft.


Wicca 101 Classes (Course 1) $15 a month fee

Introduction to Wicca classes are available both via online do it at your own pace lessons, and zoom meet ups where you learn the information in a more hands on format with the teacher. When you are ready you can take an evaluation to see if you qualify to take the next level of courses with us.


Advanced Wicca Classes (Course 2) $15 a month fee

These classes in Advanced Wicca are available via zoom, and each class meets at least twice a month. Students learn more advanced and specialized topics in the area of Wicca, witchcraft, and magic.

At the end of Course 2, students can opt to apply to dedicate if they wish but it is not required. When this happens, the student performs a self-dedication ritual to become a recognized member of the tradition. (This does not mean one is initiated as clergy, this means that we recognize your level of knowledge enough that we feel you can make an informed decision on if you wish to be a member of the tradition of your own rite. Dedication is never promised or guaranteed. We want all students to understand they are paying to take a class and there is no expectation of continuation to receive dedication or initiation. In order to apply to train for clergy, you must apply. Both parties have the right to refusal.


Dedicant Classes (Course 3) $15 a month fee

These classes in Advanced Wicca are available via zoom, and each class meets at least twice a month. Students learn more advanced and specialized topics in the area of Wicca, witchcraft, and magic. Sometimes students will be asked to circle with the initiates (either in person or online) and these additional gatherings are invite only and should not be expected to be received.


Clergy Training – the path towards initiation.

Clergy Training Students donate $15 monthly to the coven and 100% of these dues go directly back into the coven fund for coven community use only. Clergy training students never have to pay for lessons, because in Wicca we do not believe in charging to study towards initiation. If they are unable to donate they will not be kicked out of clergy training for this. We want everyone who is a good fit for clergy training, to have access to training.

Clergy Training is a huge commitment. In order to be selected you must have passed the evaluations for Courses 1, 2, and 3, and also apply specifically for clergy training. We pick very few clergy training students per year as we try to pick those who we believe will make it to initiation and turn around and become great members of clergy for the community. Our time we invest in you is so you can give back and help other Wiccans when the time comes.

Clergy training students must attend all course classes to learn how to teach Wicca, and they must complete additional bi-weekly assignments in order to be considered for initiation to the coven at the end of a year and a day. Initiation is never promised or guaranteed. This kind of work is a huge time commitment, and any students who do not follow through with their promises to help others will be dismissed from active clergy. This work is not for the faint of heart!


Contact us at to inquire more about our classes and other services.