Clergy Training

We do offer training to initiation into the clergy of Aquarian Age Wicca to specific, hardworking individuals who wish to devote their time and energy to serving the goddess and the god, and caring for the pagan community.

Requirements to Apply: Take our Wicca 101 online class OR contact us to take the evaluation showing you have the basic Wiccan knowledge to understand Wicca and the basics of the AAW tradition. When you have passed the evaluation you can dedicate and become a dedicant in the tradition, taking classes as a dedicant for a year and a day. Once you have completed this requirement, and shown you have the strength of heart and purity of mind to persist in your studies no matter the challenges that arise in your path, you may then apply for clergy training.

Clergy Training does NOT cost money for lessons. It does cost your time, commitment, and requires travel to a Second or Third Degree AAW clergy member near you who is willing and able to take you on as a student. If you wish to initiate as clergy in the tradition, you should have the intentions to participate in the tradition post-initiation and help others grow and learn through the teachings of AAW, as well as give back to your community.

Pictured Below: initiated clergy in the Aquarian Age Tradition.