Course 2 Information

Course 2

Course 2 teaches the student how to be a practicing Wiccan, and applies application of skills and beliefs, it is all taught in live classes on zoom and requires a teacher present. Contact to apply for Course 2 once you have completed Course 1! 

You will learn in Course 2:

Esbat Structure

Living Wicca – How to live Wicca in a busy world

Elemental Magic: Air, Fire, Water, Earth

How to connect with each element

Layered Shielding

Self Defense

Scanning for Attachments/Scanning for injuries

Tarot – basic spreads

Water Scrying


Intro to Astral Travel 

Candle Magic Spell Writing Workshop (Advanced)


Purpose: For shielding, protection charms, 

Understanding the Circle

Aura Reading 

Cleansing/Consecrating/Charging Review and discussion

Cleansing one’s self: Ritual Baths

House Cleansing Notes

Tips on Home/Property Protection

Understanding Ritual Components 

Fivefold Kiss

Drawing Down the Moon

Traditional offerings: cakes and wine, and how to make cakes   

The meaning of the Great Rite                                  

Quarter Call Drills 

Ritual Baths  

Beyond the Veil: Entities and Spirits 

The Dead Period and Introspection

Book List

*Required Reading* At this point in your studies please have read or read:

ABC of Witchcraft – Doreen Valiente

Where Witchcraft Lives – Doreen Valiente

High Magic’s Aid – Gerald Gardner

The Meaning of Witchcraft – Gerald Gardner

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