Coven Structure

Coven is a community. We aren’t here to teach you Wicca and send you on your way. We are here to help you grow as part of a (very witchy) family. People who choose coven Wicca instead of solitary Wicca are people who prefer to work with structure and guidance. Those who seek to learn with patience and care, and want to meet other like-minded individuals do well in a coven setting. When you are part of a coven you are never alone in your problems. There is always someone in the coven who is good at what you are needing, and we all help each other. The coven is like a puzzle and each member is a puzzle piece, because you can never be naturally skilled at everything. If you are in need of a cleansing or healing, we have you covered. If you need help with tarot, we can send you to the best tarot reader in the coven community. If you see spirits, and felt like you were the only one out there, well, we can certainly point out who are our coven mediums! With all the people in our coven, you will find those unique and rare people who you can really relate to in your journey.

To be a part of our community you must apply to study with the coven. If you are accepted this means you are a student of the coven. You will study with a mentor, attend group lessons with other students, and at times you will be invited to rituals. All students complete coursework and are given guidance in both the spiritual and philosophical studies of Wicca.

Below: Our coven’s student textbook.

coven book

Below: Some of our students having a discussion with some of the coven leaders.



Inner Circle – The Initiates

To be an initiate means you are a servant of the goddess.

To be a coven member you must be initiated into the coven’s lineage. The coven is made up of initiates of the first, second, and third degrees. Initiation rituals are held twice a year and students who are properly prepared and have completed a year and a day (or more as needed) as a student of the coven, are then invited to partake in first degree initiation. There are three degrees of initiation in the coven. Once you initiate first degree you are forever in the Inner Circle, a fully-fledged coven member, and you can generally participate in all Sabbats, Esbats, and secret rituals.

First Degree – A newly made Priest(ess) and witch! first degrees are qualified to teach all students in the coven who are pre-initiate level.  Requires a minimum of a year and a day study with the coven.

Second Degree – An experienced High Priest(ess) and witch. second degrees may hive their own coven branches without the direct supervision of their HP/HPS. Requires a minimum of two years of study. (though the average is three to five years).

Third Degree – An Elder and expert in Wicca who serves the community at large. Requires to have hived one or many covens, lead, serve, and help the Wiccan and Pagan community. To be a third degree takes many years of devotion to Wicca and to the coven community.

More information on the degrees of initiation and the requirements will be available throughout your journey with the coven. Reaching initiation is not a checklist, but it is a point of spiritual and emotional readiness for the next stage of your life.