How to Join the Tradition!

Anyone can be a student of Aquarian Age Wicca!

We offer in-person classes and online classes! Classes with a location will be posted on the classes tab on our website. Joining as an online member is a great way to get to know our community. Almost all in-person AAW members are also online members. This is because you can learn so much from our online classes alone! Taught by our Elder High Priestess from Maryland, and her initiate High Priestess Aracelie, the online classes will help you boost your confidence in solitary Wicca while also finding you a place in the community where everyone here comes together, practicing in the same tradition. There is a sense of family and friendship between the members.

Aquarian Age Wicca’s online teaching portal is a great way to learn Wicca from an established tradition with a reliable past rooted in traditional witchcraft and an open minded future based in our foundation, mixed with New Age elements. 💚Membership is only $15 a month. This includes unlimited correspondence with a HPS to answer all your questions and help you out! 💚 (email us at to get set up and sign up for membership!)
The online portal on our website features several private features for community members:

●A community forum
● Intro to Wicca course with information taught by formally trained Wiccan teachers (no more guessing and googling for your Wiccan questions!)
●Access to private video lessons and lectures about Wicca, spirituality, and New Age philosophy.
●When the Intro to Wicca course is completed there is an online evaluation for you to privately test yourself on what you’ve learned, and help you see what you should work on more.

There is the option to continue education and receive entry to more advanced lessons. These are all password protected and specifically made for your level of learning to walk you through your spiritual study.
As a student with membership to our community, you will have the ability to ask questions of initiated clergy in the tradition via email, who are here to help you learn and grow. 🌻Aquarian Age Wicca – Unlocking the Potential of the New Age.
Our motto is that anyone can learn and practice Wicca in the Aquarian Age. Anyone can learn to be a successful practitioner and be a more powerful and mindful version of themselves. We are here to help you learn to be the key to all the doors you wish to unlock.

Levels of Membership:

Course 1 Intro to Wicca Student (Student Hub Access and Online Classes Only)

Course 2  Advanced Wicca Student (In person student)

Dedicant Student (In person Student)

Clergy/Initiate – (1st through 3rd clergy degree training is offered for very committed students. Clergy training requires travel and intensive time commitments, but does not cost money.)

Below: Our student textbook.

coven book