Coven Leaders and Teachers

Elder High Priestess Aurora Raven was the former High Priestess of the Philadelphia Wiccan Sisters Coven, and is the current Elder High Priestess of the Aquarian Age Wiccan tradition. Being in the craft since a child, she has extensive experience in Wicca: 20 years total, with 17 of those years training and teaching within the structure of a coven. High Priestess Aurora is skilled in many areas of witchcraft, and her specializations include mediumship, divination, and astral connections. She watches over all the covens in her lineage and provides council when needed. Her presence at Sabbat celebrations when she visits is looked forward to by her students, and by their students. Her initiates include Priestesses Aracelie, and Allison. EHP Aurora Raven currently resides in Maryland and is not taking students at this time.



High Priestess Aracelie is the founder of the tradition’s name “Aquarian Age Wicca,” to replace the previous name the tradition carried of “Eclectic-Algard.” The lineage of the tradition is still the same, and most of the former practice is unchanged.

“We wanted a new name for the tradition to reflect the changing tides of the New Age of Aquarius. Inspiration for the name was derived from Dorreen Valiente, as she wrote much about her hopes for the future Age of Aquarius. I hope to be able to bring these hopes to life. – HPS Aracelie

High Priestess Aracelie first hived from her “mother” coven in Philadelphia in 2015 to start the Austin TX coven branch which she lead for over three years. Austin is now a large thriving coven in the hands of many leaders, so she moved to Florida to hive another coven where she currently teaches students in Tampa FL in the winter, and teaches classes in Austin TX in the summer. HPS Aracelie specializes in Tarot, enchanting, and other-worldly magics



Priestess Fiaona is the Austin Coven Maiden. She initiated into the Aquarian Age tradition Samhain 2018. She is a natural born medium and her interests in witchcraft include herbal work, herbal magic, and drum meditation.