Coven Testimonials

“The most important things I think I am learning are trust and acceptance. Coven has not required me to change to be included. I can feel how much members care for one another. Patience is given in regards to my introversion and my metaphysical experiences no longer feel like something I need to hide.” -Maggie (Student)

“My favorite thing about coven is having a place to be understood and supported as I grow and learn. Having a family to gather to celebrate the Goddess and the God is such a wonderful feeling.” -Ciana (First Degree Initiate)

“The most important thing I learned from coven is that trust in others is possible. My favorite part of coven meetings are being able to feel like a family, joking around and telling stories  while also being able to learn more and grow metaphysically. I never have to choose between them.” -Fiaona (First Degree Initiate)

“The coven provides a safe place to seek guidance and the best thing I’ve learned so far is to just slow down and take time to really connect with the Goddess and the God.” -Lyssa (Student)

“The most important thing about coven that I learned is that I wasn’t alone in my experiences, it has provided me with a safe place to truly be myself. My favorite part of coven is coming together each week to not only learn but to grow as a family and community that worships together despite our differences” -Azalea (Student)

“The coven has been a guiding force in my spiritual & metaphysical development  – it neither demands of me, nor allows  me to drown; it justly guides. And for that I am grateful.” – Stan (Student)